About us

It’s a place of research, empowerment and the encouragement of desirous individuals to pursue and advance their visions enabling individual developmentand economic development of the nation.

About us

Educesta is an acclaimed academic institute enabling and cultivating the lifelong learning capacity of enthusiastic individuals and encouraging the practical application of learned concepts through a spectrum of new age programs.

The academy carves an innovative and collaborative model forming a cohesive partnership with premier universities to impart higher education and enhance the learning experience of candidates. Educesta lays the foundation to build satisfying careers by concentrating on critical aspects of management catering to diverse goals, interests and criteria. The visionary approach brings forth a paradigm shift in the field of formal higher education and enables candidates to find their true calling. Educesta is dedicated to develop, explore and nurture ideas and real-world concepts of career aspirants with cutting-edge undergraduate and postgraduate programs and topping up with a series of new age initiatives and career enhancement practices. It’s a place of research and empowerment and the encouragement of desirous individuals to pursue and advance their visions enabling individual development and economic development of the nation.

Our Approach

  • Knowledge to Grow

    Educesta sets up a pioneering learning platform devised to produce versatile, adaptable and well-balanced individuals equipped with the efficiency and knowledge to grow and succeed in their vocational fields.

  • Assess Student Performance

    An innovative learning management system to plan and implement the learning process and to assess student performance

  • Progressive pedagogy

    Progressive pedagogy to rightly influence the growth of learners.

  • Shape the Personal Traits

    Exhaustive personality development series to shape the personal traits of individuals critical for success.

  • Gamifying educational content

    Gamifying educational content to encourage learning through engagement and interaction in various activities.

Board Of Management

Abdul G Sait
Managing Director

“Success against all Odds, is Real Success”

B Deepak Kumar
Chief Executive Officer

“Patience in Planning and Impatience in Execution.”

Kishore B.S
Chief Digital Officer

“To Achieve big in life, one needs to dream Big!”

Team That's Making it Happen

Debabratha Banerjee
Vice President

“Application oriented learning in Management is both enduring & enriching.”

Dr. Manita D Shah
Associate Dean

“Everyone deserves a second chance at new life.”

Dr. Nila A Chotai
Associate Dean

“Developing hybrid education systems to engage new generation students into core academics and industry orientation through planned systems and processes at University level.”

Head-Business Development & Marketing

“Never Give Up.”

Adrian Andrade
Training and Development Specialist

“Creating opportunities to encourage and bring about positive behavioral change.”








What People Say About us!

My knowledge about the taxation in India was very limited. I’m one of the many who would wake up to the concept of taxes in January & then face the nuance of running behind exemption.

Dept. of Social Sciences, Christ Junior College

We invest little & get more in stock markets, I think Instead of spending money on luxurious products we should invest in stock markets & earn more than what we spend.

East West College of Management

Faculty Development Program titled ‘Taxation for Salaried Individuals’ was excellent and gave information and idea to plan from the beginning of the year, to reduce tax burden.

Commerce Dept, Christ Junior College- Evening

Faculty Development Program- Session was so informative, we got very clear information on 80c, The Discussion/Interactions were very much applicable in our day to day life.

Dept. of Electronics, Christ Junior College

It is a source of inspiration after talking to the personals of Addzup group. We have engaged Addzup group to conduct Capital Markets Courses which is entirely an activated oriented program.

Director, East West College of Management